Spring Tale



Airing Date

January 8,2012-May 13,2012

Total Episode



Drama, Romance, Showbiz

Preceeded by

Winter Tale

Followed by

Summer Tale

Opening Song

Spring Rain by Kim Park

Ending Song

Spring Tale by Christian Kim

The story revolves around the famous singer and actor named Derrick Zaragoza (Christian Kim) who is one day got in a scandal revolving around him and his leading lady Leah Montreal (Hannah Kim) who is humored to be his girlfriend and that made Sharon Regalla (Michelle Guo) his current girlfriend later ex-girlfriend because they broke up on that day the first day of Spring. On the other hand Derrick is finding a solution to get Sharon back so his best friend Warren (Dennis Hartmann) suggested him to just find a girl who is going to pretend as his girlfriend to get Sharon jealous. So Derrick went to a modeling show but didn't find the right girl but outside the building he accidently bump into Daisy (Kim Park) who is about to watch the fashion show and in that time Derrick finds Daisy the prefect girl to pretend to be his girlfriend.


  • Christian Kim as Derrick Zaragoza
  • Kim Park as Daisy Montreal
  • Dennis Hartmann as Warren Samonte
  • Michelle Guo as Sharon Regalla
  • Hannah Kim as Leah Montreal

Supporting Cast

  • Arkin dela Vega as Vicente Zaragoza
  • Manilyn Sarmina as Josephine Zaragoza
  • Sarah Lee as Jaymie Zaragoza
  • Malou San Jose as Grace Montreal
  • Reynaldo Agoncillo as Wilfredo Samonte
  • Rose Marie Jane as Fatima Samonte
  • Brian Jones as Jason
  • Angelina Jones as Marie
  • Brittney Nashwell as Kylie
  • Cassandra Flores as KC

Guest Cast

  • Alex Le as Young Derrick
  • Jade Song as Young Daisy
  • Yasmin Orleans as Young Sharon
  • Yoon Shin Hye as Young Leah